To promote disability awareness from a different lens we have teamed with a local upcoming fashion designer/wardrobe stylist to use beauty and fashion as a platform to tackle topics such as #sexanddisability, a hashtag coined by the National Council on Independent Living and other social issues impacted by this group.

#Posing4aPurpose is the chosen name for this campaign aimed at delivering powerful social images that showcase people with disabilities and able-bodied people. Through this campaign we hope to encourage social acceptance that PWD’s (People with Disabilities) can be cool, follow pop culture, and are fashion forward.

What began as an one-time photo shoot and decision for Kuan Mabry to be the face on a poster promoting a disability event, lead to the idea of Posing 4a Purpose after receiving continual feedback from Facebookers.  There was no denying the attention received from Facebook followers and the community was the result of a “glam squad” and professional photographer working together that resulted in increase exposure individually and collectively.  After about a week of riding the social media high-wave, Sharkita and I began discussing how we could capitalize on that momentum as small business owners looking to make a name and a difference in our respective fields, hence Posing 4a Purpose.

Sharkita McGriff is the founder of Forever Vivid. Forever Vivid is women’s apparel that is chic, edgy and trendy. They have everything from tops, bottoms, dresses, intimates, shoes/custom-made shoes and accessories with more amazing pieces for your wardrobe!  We are an online retailer of fashion forward apparel for young women that is on the go, having a night on the town or just going to work.  Forever Vivid has a devoted team of fashion followers who are committed to matching each and every customers to their own one of a kind fashion sense. Sharkita McGriff prides herself for superior personalized customer service and catering to her client needs to ensure guaranteed satisfaction. Sharkita fashion designer, wardrobe stylist, entrepreneur and owner of Forever Vivid has launched her new blog called “Vivid Headlines” and new clothing and shoe line coming out February 2016. “I’m always coming up with new ways to help people or trying new things that most people wouldn’t try.”

Beauty and fashion is everywhere these days! If w are successful at getting people attention through imagery, then we’re successful at getting people to read the message about #disability. Rather or not our messages evoke change, it surely will provoke thought and awareness which has the potential of leading to change.

If you are interested in the opportunity of being a part of an invitation only photo shoot to raise disability awareness, and being featured in an upcoming issue of our calendar you will have to submit contact information, a brief photo portfolio and bio for review prior to photo shoot or audition, so please read the guidelines carefully.

To apply for consideration for this calendar photo shoot as a feature model, hairstylist, designer, wardrobe stylist, makeup artist, photographer, nail tech, independent consultant (Mary Kay, Avon, TraciLynn, etc.), barber, etc.  click here. All photos submitted by makeup artists, designers, fashion stylists, and hair stylists will be evaluated on unique look of your creative work.




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