Parent Match

Thank you for your interest in the Parent Match program. We’re thrilled that you’ve taken this step to learn more about this opportunity for your family. We believe that our partnership with parents is essential to building a sense of community, and strong outcomes for children with disabilities and their families. The goal of our program is to assist families in building social and personal networks.


Our program begins when we match your family with another family who shares similar interests and/or disability concerns. During the first month, families are encourage to make initial contact (phone, email, text) with their matches within the first week of being notified and a minimum of two (2) times after that. We will be in contact with you and your parent match to learn how everyone feels about continuing with the parent match or closing the relationship. Our parents and children safety is a priority and so we emphatically express that parent matches refrain from having contact in person or sharing sensitive information such as physical address, health or student records during the first month of being matched.

If everyone decides they would like to continue with their parent match after one month, you will receive support and supervision from the Parent Match program until one or more parties is interested in closing the relationship or support/supervision is no longer needed due to an established relationship. To participate in this program, both your family and parent match commit to spending at least 2 hours a month together for at least one year. During your time together parent matches are encourage to enjoy healthy activities in public places like the library, park, grocery store, movie-theater, roller rink etc.).


To close the relationship you and your parent match will participate in a meeting with the program coordinator to talk about your experience in our program. In the event that your child’s mentoring relationship ends early, our program will strive to conduct an in-person meeting, however certain accommodations may be made depending on the reason for the relationship’s end. In the rare occasion that a parent match cannot fulfill their participation commitment, we will meet with you to debrief the relationship and to determine the suitability of re-matching.


Parent Match strives to support family relationships that last for at least one year because we know that positive outcomes for your child and family will increase as the friendship between your parent match grows. While we ask your family, and your parent match to sign a participation agreement to acknowledge commitment to our program, we understand that events can come up which are beyond your control and may impact your family’s ability to continue participation in this program. For this reason, we are committed to supporting you and your child’s positive experience in this program by maintaining consistent, monthly contact with you and your parent match to support each of you with any challenges, questions or future plans.