Mom’s & Martini’s

Moms & Martini’s

Moms of children with and without disabilities meet once a month in a different zip code for happy hour fun. The purpose of M&M’s is for moms to let their hair down and be themselves in an after-five setting to temporarily break away from the demands of motherhood. Moms & Martini’s is also an opportunity to motivate moms to get out of their comfort zone, build personal networks, and elevate each other.

Why join Moms & Martini’s?

 Moms & Martini’s or M&M’s, is a way to acknowledge or celebrate all the hard work moms do, but not get credit for. The purpose of M&M’s is to improve the spiritual and social condition of moms with and without children with disabilities, build personal networks that has the potential of leading to sustainable relationships, and motivate moms who have children with disabilities to get out of isolation and socialize after hours.

When do Moms & Martini’s meet?

 M&M’s meet once a month in a different zip code which is decided each month by the majority vote of moms. Painting with a twist, happy-hours, line dancing, and pole dancing are just some of the activities moms can expect to experience.

What can I expect each month if I join?

 Randomly each month a mom is chosen to share for 15 minutes about her life story or the many hats she wears (i.e., mom, wife, career, etc.). This is followed by 10 minutes of positive feedback from other mothers. The featured mom of the month will be honored with an M&M crown and gift bag. Then after that – it’s time to whine-down!

I want to be an M&M, how do I join?

 New M&M’s are invited by existing M&M’s, and must be approved by M& M’s Administrator.