Early Childhood Teachers Saw PPCD, I saw a Child Who Knew More Than What He Could Express



Have you ever felt like this during an ARD meeting?

Early childhood teachers saw PPCD (Preschool Programs for Children with Disabilities), but I saw a child who knew much more than what he could express.  I had no knowledge of Special Education prior to my son, but recall my very first ARD meeting of intimidation and really no explanation of this whole process.  I sat on one side of the table, the school staff sat on the other; I was given a large stack of papers to sign and was told my son was in good hands.  Two weeks went by and I decided to pay a visit to my son’s classroom.  I was excited to see him in school and with his classmates learning.  Unfortunately, when I arrived to his classroom I was in utter shock, almost disbelief because there he just laid on a bean bag (obviously placed in a classroom of students with severe disabilities).  Instantly, something began to stir in my being because this was not the type of learning environment I had envisioned for my son.  I did not anticipate having to advocate for appropriate education services, but there I was writing a letter to the principal expressing my concerns.  Although back then I was not familiar with educational terms, but what I had….as I know now was data on my son’s various skills and abilities he demonstrated at home.  Needless to say, his placement was changed to a Life Skills class and they (teachers) learned his shyness hindered the assessment results. In closing I share one of my life lessons, “If someone feels the need to advocate, then that means there is some level of distrust”.


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